Everyone’s a photographer nowdays. We all carry a camera with us that packs a wonder of technology and we have apps that can make our shots look like the work of a professional.

For me … I want to create something that might be considered art.

I want to capture moments and create interesting scenes with angles, focus, light and colour.

Photography also allows me to take in the world. To enjoy the wonder of nature, architecture, people, places, scenes.

It helps me to try and see things in different ways and generally appreciate life.

I enjoy travelling and follow sevens rugby quite closely. So that’s been an opportunity to combine the passions.


I was involved in one of the first panoramic photography apps for the iPhone back in 2007 and continue to enjoy shooting panoramas.

It was fun experimenting with photo stitching

Kingsford-Smith airport, Sydney. Panoramic shot taken with the PhotoSweep app from Fotonui
Kingsford Smith Airport, Sydney, Australia
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Daughter in the front yard
Vertical Panorama depicting Sky City, Auckland, New Zealand
Sky City, Auckland, New Zealand
Auckland waterfront, New Zealand
Auckland waterfront, New Zealand

Rugby Shots

Savea again, this time scoring against Wales at the 2012 Hong Kong 7s
Savea again, this time scoring against Wales at the 2012 Hong Kong 7s

One of my better timed action shots from the 2012 New Zealand 7s tournament in Wellington.
All Black Ardie Savea scores a great try against Scotland with Colin Gregor in pursuit

ex-Fijian 7s International, Jona Tuitoga in action for Auckland
ex-Fijian 7s International, Jona Tuitoga in action for Auckland

Then there’s combining panoramas and rugby …

Wellington 7s crowd
Combining passions: 7s Rugby + Photography + Design (the ‘Panorama’ app for iPhone)
Wellington’s Cake Tin stadium

I post most of the shots I take with my phone to my Instragram account.

Shooting what I see

My walks to the office from where I park takes be by the Tauranga Estuary, through memorial Park.

It makes for a very pleasant start to the day …

Driving towards Hairini Bridge with enough of a stall in traffic to get a quick shot through the window
First view I get after parking the car in the alternative spot on Devonport Road
Early morning rowers
I took a couple of this view, trying to nail the more interesting viewpoint with the pathway on the left
Matapihi Rail Bridge at sub rise
Tauranga Rowing Club
Noticing the things around me … Tauranga Rowing Club after morning training on the estuary as I walk to the office
Closer look at the Matapihi Rail Bridge as I get closer to the office
Morning arrival to Auckland Airport for a training course on drawing facilitation and note taking
On a recent trip to Auckland for a training course I was walking down this street en route to the venue