Dr David Sinclair on longevity

Sinclair talks with Tom Bilyeu

My takeaways were short but the discussion is very interesting

  • Fast once or twice per week for a decent period (maybe 24hrs)
  • Stress the body with heat (sauna)
  • Stress the body with cold (cold blast in the shower or cold plunge)
  • Stress the body with exertion each day (get a swet up)

More detailed chemical/medical analysis with health researcher Dr Rhonda Patrick

From Dr Patrick’s website

Certain lifestyle behaviors such as exercise, intermittent fasting, and caloric restriction trigger the activity of sirtuins, restoring normal gene regulation, resetting the cell’s activity, and slowing the aging process. These behaviors moderately stress the body and induce shifts in metabolism that drive changes in sirtuin gene expression – sometimes as much as five- to ten-fold – highlighting the links between sirtuins, nutrient levels, and key metabolic pathways.


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