Empowerment Toolset: Story Telling

Story Telling is Joke Telling
[] Knowing that everything you’re saying from the first sentence to the last is leading to a singular goal
and ideally confirming some truth that deepens our understanding of who we are as human beings

Stories affirm who we are

The most greatest story commandment: Make me care

  • emotionally
  • intellectually
  • aesthetically

Starting out

Make a promise … that this story will lead somewhere that will be worth your time

I recall a rugby after-match speech where a buddy of mine told a joke. These things can be boring and people always talk through speeches because most of the people present just aren’t that interested … and that might be because the way the captains, club representatives, etc are speaking does not engage the audience.

But that’s not what happened on this occasion. There had been talking in the background right up until Slowie got to the stage and took the microphone.

At that point there was silence

  • Because Slowie was telling a joke
  • Because people knew Slowie was a funny bastard

The audience actually wants to work for their meal

They just don’t want to know that they’re doing that.

That’s your job as a storyteller is to hide the fact that you’re making them work

Alignment with old brain

We’re born problem solvers. We’re compelled to deduce and deduct.

It’s this well organised absence of information that draws us in

Give the audience 2+2 – don’t give them 4

Drama is anticipation mingled with uncertainty

In the short-term have you made me want to know what will happen next?

But more importantly have you made me want to know how it will all conclude in the long-term?

Are there honest conflicts that create doubt about the outcome?

5. Story Telling Tips

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